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Keep flowers in water and in refrigerator until you are ready to ship or deliver.
Please complete the form below and submit. Make your initial deposit.
Call Barbara Gaffney at 978-346-8931, if you have any questions.

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Packing Checklist:

  1. Remove all bling, keepsake charms, ribbons etc. (we can only use fresh, clean ribbon) Click Here for Instructions
  2. Label each item (i.e. bride’s bouquet, bridesmaids, centerpiece flowers, mother’s corsage, etc.) There is no extra charge to press additional flowers as it often helps enhance the final design to have variety.
  3. Take dry paper towels and go around your bouquet creating a “snowball.” This cushions your flowers. (see illustration) Now place the bouquet in a plastic trash bag which will help the flowers stay moist on their journey.
  4. Place plastic bag in a box, slightly larger than the bouquet, along with crumpled newspaper or more paper towels to ensure they do not bounce around in transit.
  5. If including a photo or invitation, place in a clear baggie and in between stiff cardboard so it does not bend.
  6. Click Here  to download our order form. Please print the form and complete all fields. If you have any questions please call Barbara 978-346-8931
  7. Enclose a personal check or we can use the debit or credit card number from your completed form for the non-refundable deposit of $100.00. If you do include a personal check we will still request a credit or debit number for the balance when the order is completed. We will notify you by email or telephone when we are ready to ship the design back to you.
  8. Ship your bouquet Overnight Express and be sure to mark the outside of the box no signature required. We suggest using the USPS as we find UPS and FedEx more costly.
  9. Ship flowers to:
    Everlastings Flowers c/o Barbara Gaffney
    120 Mary Batchelder Road
    Unit 20
    Hampton, NH 03842

You can click the Deposit button below to make your deposit but please remember to fill out the order form completely.